Taconic and InVivos Announce Distribution Agreement in Singapore

December 12, 2013

Hudson, New York — Taconic and InVivos Pte Ltd. announced today that the two organizations have signed an agreement in which Taconic has granted InVivos rights to market and distribute Taconic research models and services in Singapore. The agreement facilitates InVivos’ efforts to provide researchers in Singapore with a wide variety of traditional and genetically engineered mouse and rat strains. Additionally, the agreement also empowers InVivos to engage Taconic to generate custom research models for organizations located in Singapore.

The finalization of the distribution agreement builds on an existing relationship between Taconic and InVivos. During the past year, InVivos constructed and commissioned a new breeding facility that provides Singapore’s biomedical scientists with a single local source of high-quality research services and animals. Taconic provided the seed stock for all mouse and rat lines produced at InVivos to guarantee genetic consistency with Taconic’s models worldwide. Taconic also collaborated with InVivos on the facility’s design and operational protocols, training of staff, and the establishment of health and genetic monitoring programs.

David T. Hansen, President of Taconic’s Research Models and Services business unit, comments on the importance of the distribution agreement with InVivos: “Taconic and InVivos share the common goal of advancing research that results in improvements in human health. As a global leader in genetically engineered products and services, Taconic is dedicated to providing clients with the most predictive research models available. Our distribution agreement with InVivos will help researchers in Singapore access such models for application in the vital research they conduct.”

InVivos’ Managing Director Chris Sear believes that the agreement with Taconic will help improve the quality of research in Singapore: “InVivos is delighted to develop its relationship with Taconic, already well-established in Singapore via our Technology License and Consultancy Agreement, by which we are licensed to breed, market and supply Taconic brand research rodents. The signing of this Distribution and Sales Representative Agreement further emphasizes the faith and commitment that both companies share in producing smart solutions for investigators’ research needs. With InVivos as Taconic’s authorized Distributor in Singapore, life science researchers in biopharmaceutical companies and academic organizations can now expect an expansion in our service support, encompassing the full scope of Taconic’s comprehensive range of products and services.”

About Taconic Taconic is a global provider of genetically modified mouse and rat models and services. As a full-service industry leader, founded in 1952, Taconic helps clients acquire, custom generate, breed, cryopreserve, precondition, and distribute highly relevant research lines worldwide. Headquartered in New York’s Hudson River Valley, Taconic operates six breeding facilities and three service laboratories in the U.S. and Europe and maintains over 850 employees committed to technological innovation. Taconic’s products and services are used by over 1,300 companies and academic research institutions in nearly 50 nations worldwide.

About InVivos InVivos is Singapore’s national breeding centre for research rodents and related services. InVivos breeds and supplies standard strains and stocks of mice and rats for research purposes under an exclusive license agreement with Taconic. It is dedicated to meeting the research needs and expectations of its scientist customers with exemplary service and integrity.

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