Biospecimen & Surgical Services

InVivos offers a wide range of Biospecimen & Surgical Services

Biospecimens Collection

InVivos can supply organs, biological fluids and tissue products harvested from our animal models using aseptic methodology in a laboratory. Such biospecimens are available for supply and this service can also be coupled with our Contract Breeding Service.

Biological fluids such as Blood, Serum and Plasma are available. Whole blood, plasma and serum processed in InVivos are from a range of healthy animals raised under strict barrier conditions and genetically monitored colonies. Most commonly used anticoagulants are Potassium EDTA and Lithium Heparin. These products are available in different volumes and packages to suit your requirements. We routinely hold good stocks of pooled plasma of various strains of rats and mice. Products from specific stock or strain, age, sex or specific anticoagulant can be collected on request with a lead time to cater to your research needs.

Organs such as liver, spleen and heart are readily available and others not mentioned above may be available. Please enquire from our Customer Service Representative.

Contract Surgery

Contract surgery services are also available. For more details, do check with our Customer Service.

For any other biospecimens and/or services not listed, do contact our Customer Service to enquire.