Order Policies

Pregnant Animal Policies

InVivos does not recommend that pregnant mice or rats be ordered for delivery in late gestation due to the possibility of early parturition caused by the stress of transit and relocation.

Untimed pregnant animals will be supplied from the normal breeding colonies at approximately 14 days gestation i.e. when the pregnancy can be visually confirmed.

For time mated mice and rats, InVivos will only guarantee the date of mating as shown by the presence of a mating plug. This indicates that mating has occurred and is counted as day 0. For animals ordered at less than 14 days gestation, mating is guaranteed but pregnancy is not.

No guarantee can be made regarding the age of embryos as the possibility of delayed implantation cannot be excluded.

Due to natural variation, there is no guarantee for the exact date of birth or number of pups per litter.

Cancellation and Change Orders

Orders can be cancelled or changed up to the cut-off time listed. Be sure to cancel an order prior to the cut-off time or cancellation fees may apply.

Order Type Cut-off day/time
*Traditional Models; Spontaneous Mutant Models By 3:00pm one day prior to packing date
Special Set-ups, Exact date of birth and Timed pregnant orders Before breeders are set up or isolated
Aged Animals Prior to animals entering the aging colony
Rodent Biospecimens;Contract Breeding Projects Prior to project initiation

*Depending on the quantity of the order cancelled, a cancellation fees may apply

Animal Refund Policy

InVivos takes pride in providing our customers with the highest quality animals in terms of health and genetic characteristics. To demonstrate this to our customers and confirm the same for regulatory certification (Eg. GLP) we employ the health and genetic monitoring standards and procedures established by Taconic Farms Inc., and publish all our test results, as soon as received, on our website.

At the time of despatch, our experienced Animal Technicians visually check and examine every single animal to ensure that they are in good health when leaving the InVivos facility. Our animals travel in an industry-leading shipping crate (the Taconic Transport Container or TTC) in an air-conditioned delivery truck.  These procedures are designed to ensure that InVivos animals reach their destination in the same condition that they left our facility

Upon arrival, we urge all our customers to check their animals as soon as possible after delivery.  Please notify us immediately should you have any concerns. Customers may request a credit/replacement for their animal orders under the following conditions.

  1. If the animals are determined to be ill or injured upon arrival and deemed unfit for their intended experimental purpose.
  2. The animals delivered do not match the confirmed order.
  3. Animals are dead upon arrival.
  4. Animal deaths are observed within 48 hours of arrival without any experimental intervention and under standard housing conditions.

Customers requesting credit/replacements must send in their request in writing accompanied by a veterinary report from the animal holding facility (preferably with attached photos), and within 48 hours of receipt.

InVivos will not grant credit for or replace animals that fulfill the following criteria:

  1. Animals exhibit normal phenotypes and adhere to the health and genetic standards of Taconic Farms Inc, as ordered by the customer.
  2. For aged or ex breeder animals a scruffy or unkempt appearance is often normal and is not, in itself, reason for replacement or credit.
  3. Animals that have been subject to non-standard housing conditions or scientific protocols cannot be replaced
  4. Since we have no control over the conditions in the facilities into which our animals are shipped, we are not able to accept responsibility for their health more than 48 hours after receipt. Therefore if there are any concerns regarding the status of your animals upon their arrival, it is important that you contact the InVivos Customer Service Department within 48 hours of receipt.


The final decision about whether a credit or replacement for an animal order will be granted is at the sole discretion of InVivos Pte Ltd.