Health Monitoring System



InVivos follows the health monitoring standards and procedures established by Taconic.

The Taconic International Health Monitoring System™ (IHMS™) gives scientists worldwide a standardized system to determine the microbiological profile of rodent models used in their in vivo studies.

IHMS™ combines two heralded standards for health monitoring: FELASA, long the European standard, and Taconic’s testing program in the United States. The new IHMS™ meets or exceeds the individual standards of the FELASA and Taconic programs. The IHMS™ is defined by a comprehensive list of microbiological agents, test frequencies and test methods. Use of the International Health Monitoring System™ facilitate worldwide collaboration between scientists by providing consistent, uniform data on the microbiological status of rats and mice.

The IHMS™ will also assist veterinarians and facility managers in reviewing the health status of incoming animals by providing a unified format for testing and reporting the microbiological profile of animals.

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