Sustainability at InVivos – Reused TTC


Sustainability At InVivos


Environmental sustainability is important for InVivos. Reducing the use of plastic is a key sustainability initiative that we have implemented since 2020.

Our animals are delivered in high quality animal transport crates (TTC). However, using it as a single use crate is not the best use of our Earth’s resources. Therefore, we have implemented the reuse TTC programme.

The used TTCs are collected by InVivos, washed, disinfected and autoclaved before reusing them to deliver your animals. The reused TTCs used for transporting your animals will still be of the highest standards and yet maximizing the lifespan of the TTC.

Let’s do our part for the environment together.

Our FAQs below will provide you more information on our reused TTCs programme. Alternatively, feel free to contact our Customer Service staff at for more information.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process of reused TTC?

To explain the reused TTC process in brief, used TTCs will be collected by our delivery staff from the animal facilities and transferred to InVivos. The used TTCs will then be washed and processed by decontamination using disinfectants & autoclaving and re-used to deliver the animals.

How many times is the TTC re-used?

Currently we would be re-using for 3 times i.e., 3 times processing and using it for delivery. There will also be a colour code for each cycle of reuse and it will be as follows:

Green – 1st Cycle

Blue    – 2nd Cycle

Red     – 3rd Cycle

Is the reuse process been approved by TACONIC?

Yes, Quality Assessment Dept. of Taconic has approved the reuse process submitted for them with the results on material testing (including filters) and animal tests.

Is the quality of reused TTC same as new one?

Yes, the quality in terms of plastic material of TTC and the filters remains same as the new TTC. Filters after repeated autoclaving were sent for pressure drop testing to external source and results indicated that there was no change in pressure differential in reused TTC.

Any animal studies been done with reused TTC?

With our IACUC approval, animal studies were done with reused TTCs where spare animals were packed in reused TTCs and were transported in our delivery truck for various time points. There was no changes observed in the body condition and health of the animals housed and transported in the reused TTCs. These results were evaluated by Quality Control Dept. of TACONIC for the approval.

What are the advantages of the reused TTC?

Firstly, there will be reduction in plastic usage which is an environmental sustainability measure as part of GreenMark initiative.
Secondly, potential cost savings that will be transferred to customers as price reduction of reused TTCs.