Volume Discount Pricing Programme

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Volume Discount Pricing Program (till 31 December 2023)

If you are ordering large quantities of mice, take advantage of the volume discount pricing program to accelerate your research today!

Volume discount pricing# is available for the following mice strains.

JAX ® Mice
Strains Quantity Discount (%)
BALB/cJ 175 5
250 10
C57BL/6J 100 5
200 10
C57BL/6NJ 75 5
150 10
NOD SCID/Jinv 150 10
NU/J 75 10
J:NU 75 10
NSG 60 15
100 20


Taconic Mice
Strains Quantity Discount (%)
BALB/cAnNTac 175 5
250 10
C57BL/6NTac 75 5
150 10
NCr nude 75 10


# Terms & Conditions Applicable:

·         The volume discount pricing will only be applicable for per delivery basis (not per order).

·         Not applicable for customers already on special discounts.

·         Quantities: Volume discount pricing is automatically applied when a minimum quantity per strain for a single shipment is reached. Quantities of different strains cannot be combined. Quantities of different ages cannot be combined.

·         Only orders billed to a single account with a single shipping address and shipment date qualify for volume discount pricing.

·         Orders for retired breeders, pregnant females, female with litter mice at specific days of age, or with other special requirements do not qualify for volume discount pricing.

·         Only applicable for orders of age 3-12 weeks old.

·         Standing orders are eligible for volume discount pricing when individual shipments meet all other program criteria.

·         Strains, quantities, volume discount pricing and terms and conditions are subject to changes at any time.

·         Volume Discount Pricing Program applies automatically on quotations quoted from 1 March 2022 onwards.