InVivos Opens New Breeding Facility in Singapore as Part of Strategic Partnership with Taconic

Date of Publish: 4 June 2013

Hudson, New York and Singapore — Taconic and InVivos Pte Ltd. are proud to announce the recent opening of the InVivos breeding vivarium in Singapore. The InVivos facility will provide researchers in Singapore with a source of globally recognized strains and stocks of mice and rats, and represents an important step forward in Taconic’s ability to distribute its laboratory rodents in the Asian market. To attract investigators to conduct world-class research, Singapore needed a world-class breeding facility. After an extensive investigation, Taconic was chosen as the preferred partner to help develop this important site and populate it with internationally accepted stocks and strains.

InVivos’ new breeding facility will provide Singapore’s biomedical scientists with a single local source of high-quality research animals and services that are crucial to academic research and drug development. To help InVivos turn its vision into reality, Taconic and InVivos collaborated in key areas crucial to the success of the new breeding facility, including facility design and operational protocols, training of staff, establishment of health and genetic monitoring programs, and importing breeding stock from Taconic’s global operations. With Taconic as a strategic partner, this facility now enables InVivos to provide ready access to the highest quality animal models that investigators need to advance biomedical research in Singapore andneighbouring territories in Southeast Asia. InVivos will produce Taconic animals that meet rigorous health and genetic specifications and can be quickly delivered by truck to customers at a much lower cost than imported animals. InVivos will also serve as a distributor of Taconic Transgenic Models™ (TTMs™) and Repository animals that are bred at Taconic’s facilities in North America and Europe.

Samuel Phelan, Executive Chairman of the Board at Taconic comments on the opening of the InVivos’ facility in Singapore: “Taconic is proud to have been chosen as a strategic partner by InVivos to help launch this new facility and make Taconic models available to researchers in Singapore and other parts of Asia. As Singapore continues to grow as a centre for research and development activities in the biopharmaceutical industry, it will be important for researchers to have access to the most innovative models available for drug discovery and preclinical studies. The strategic partnership between InVivos and Taconic assures that outcome.”

Taconic was selected by InVivos as its partner in this venture because of Taconic’s customer-centric business model and leadership position in the production of transgenic and humanized mouse models. Through InVivos, Singapore researchers will now have easy access to the world’s largest and most innovative portfolio of research-ready off-the-shelf and custom-designed models ? all with extensive freedom-of-use rights that are needed for commercial research projects. InVivos’ customers will save significant time and money on their projects, helping to enhance Singapore’s reputation as an attractive place to conduct biomedical research.

About Taconic
Taconic is a global provider of genetically modified mouse and rat models and services. As a full-service industry leader, founded in 1952, Taconic helps clients acquire, test, develop, breed, cryopreserve, prepare, and distribute highly relevant research lines worldwide. Headquartered in New York’s Hudson River Valley, Taconic operates six breeding facilities and three service laboratories in the U.S. and Europe and maintains over 850 employees committed to technological innovation. Taconic’s products and services are used by over 1250 companies and academic research institutions in nearly 50 nations worldwide.

About InVivos
InVivos is Singapore’s national breeding centre for research rodents and related services. InVivos breeds and supplies standard strains and stocks of mice and rats for research purposes under an exclusive license agreement with Taconic. It is dedicated to meeting the research needs and expectations of its scientist customers with exemplary service and integrity.