Recycling of TTC – Environment Sustainability Initiative

August 19, 2019

Picture taken during our recent presentation at the 5th Environmental Sustainability Roadshow in Biopolis.

We have good news for you!

InVivos had started an initiative to study on the feasibility of recycling our Taconic Transfer Containers (TTC) without compromising quality features. Internal recycling studies conducted during the past few months have given encouraging results in terms of TTC material and animal welfare. Taconic has also given approval to re-use the TTC.

Some advantages that we have identified:

  • Reduction in plastic usage
  • Potential cost savings that could be transferred to customers

To explain the recycling process, used TTCs will be collected by our delivery staff. The used TTCs will then be processed by decontamination using disinfectants & autoclaving and delivered to various animal facilities. This initiative will be launched in the coming months and you would be notified on the launch.

To get further information and to provide your feedback, you can contact our Marketing Team on or Customer Service Team on