Outbred Nude

Strain: J:NU/Inv

Common name: Outbred Nude

JAX stock no. 007850


Outbred nude mice are immunodeficient tumor transplant hosts, and the standard in vivo model for drug efficacy testing in oncology.

Characteristics: Outbred homozygous nude (Foxn1nu/Foxn1nu) mice are similar to NCr Nude used for standard in vivo model for drug efficacy testing in oncology. Nude mice are athymic and hairless as a result of the recessive nu mutation. T cell precursors exist but development is blocked in the absence of a thymus, resulting in an immunodeficiency that permits transplantation of tumor cell xenografts. Homozygous females are poor breeders and fail to lactate. Heterozygous males and females breed well and have normal immune function. Homozygous pups can be identified as young as 24 hours by their lack of whiskers or poorly developed, crinkled whiskers.


Disease/therapeutics areas used:

  • Cancer research
    • T cell deficiency, xenograft/transplant host
  • Immunology, Inflammation and Autoimmunity Research
    • T cell deficiency
  • Dermatology Research
    • Skin and Hair Texture Defects
  • Endocrine Deficiency Research
    • Skin defects and thyroid defects


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