Nomenclature: C3H/HeNTac

  • Used as a model for drug treatments of neurologic disorders
  • Applications in infectious disease studies, toxicology, and oncology
  • Homozygous for retinal degeneration Pde6brd1


Origin: The C3H inbred model was developed by Strong et al. in 1920 by intercrossing a Bagg albino female mouse to a DBA male mouse. Andervont received stock from Strong in 1930. Heston received stock at F35 from Andervont. NIH received stock at F57 from Heston in 1951. Taconic received stock at F147 from NIH in 1987. Taconic received breeding stock at F174 from the NIH Animal Genetic Resource in 1998. The mice were derived by embryo transfer. Taconic’s C3H mouse is MTV-. The Taconic foundation colony was at F203 in 2005.



  • Strain Profile: Alada, Car2b, Ce2b, Es1b, Es3c, Esdb, Gpi1b, Gus-sb, H6pd1b, Hbbd, Idhla, Mod1a, Mup1a, Pep3b, Pgm1b, Trfb
  • Immunology: H2k
  • Other: Cd5a, Cd72b, Cd8aa, Cd8bb, Hc1, H2-T18b, Igh-1b, Ptprcb, Thy1b
  • Retinal Degeneration: Pde6brd1


Coat Color Loci: A/A

Color: Black Agouti

Species: Mouse

Animal Diet: NIH #31M Rodent Diet

Average litter size: 7