Nomenclature: BALB/cAnNTac

  • A general purpose inbred strain for many different research disciplines
  • Often used for the production of monoclonal antibodies using hybridomas of BALB/c spleen cell origin
  • It exhibits good breeding performance and long reproductive life span
Origin: The BALB/c inbred model was first bred by Bagg et al. MacDowell received stock from Bagg in 1923 which were then inbred. Snell received stock from MacDowell in 1932. Andervont received stock from Snell in 1935. NIH received stock at F72 from Andervont in 1951. Taconic’s BALB/c mice originated from NIH at F184 prior to 1988. Taconic received litters at F184 from the NIH Animal Genetic Resource in 1997. The mice were derived by embryo transfer in 1998. The Taconic foundation colony was at F229 in 2005.



  • Strain Profile: Acy1s, Alada, Carb, Cas1a, Cd5b, Cd72b, Cd8ab, Cd8b1b, Ce2a, Es1b, Esda, pi1a, Gusa, H6pdb, Hbab, Hbbd, Hc1, Idh1a, Mod1a, Mup1a, Pepca, Pgm1a, Thy1b, Trfb
  • Immunology: H2-T18c, H2d
Coat Color Loci:
Tyrp1b, Tyrc

Color: Albino

Species: Mouse

Animal Diet: NIH #31M Rodent Diet

Average litter size: 7