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Your organization needs to focus its valuable resources on your core business: research. Outsourcing your animal breeding and husbandry activities to InVivos allows you to do just that

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Taconic Biosciences Products & Services

Taconic Biosciences is a provider of genetically engineered rodent models and services. Specialists in Humanization and GEMS Management, Taconic helps clients acquire, generate, breed, precondition, test, and distribute relevant research models.

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                    JAX®                     Products

The Jackson Laboratory (JAX®) is an independent, nonprofit organization focusing on mammalian genetics research to advance human health.  JAX® breed and manage colonies of mice to supply other research institutions and laboratories.

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Biospecimen & Surgical Services

InVivos can supply organs, biological fluids and tissue products harvested from our animal models.  In addition, surgery services are available.


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Come meet InVivos at one of the several events we attend every year.  Please click here to find out more information on each event.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Presentation and Webinars

Next Webinar:

Essential Tips for New Mouse Researchers

– 8 September

Join us as we share strategies for navigating available databases and discuss how mouse strain choice impacts research data quality and reproducibility.

HIV in Humanized Mice

– 13 September

Introducing the use of the humanized mice as small animal HIV models to evaluate new drug candidates and combination therapies.

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Due to low demand InVivos will be discontinuing supply of our New Zealand White (NZW) rabbit and Dunkin Hartley (DH) guinea pig colonies.  The timeline for discontinuing these two models is listed below.


  • InVivos will accept orders up until 31 October 2016 for delivery on or before 30 December 2016
  • InVivos will no longer accept orders after 31 October 2016.
  • InVivos will completely discontinue supply on or before 30 December 2016, after fulfilling the orders that have been placed on or before 31 October 2016.


Please contact InVivos Customer Service for further information.

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