NOD scid

NOD scid


NOD Background

Nomenclature: NOD/MrkBomTac-Prkdcscid

  • The scid mutation has been transferred onto a diabetes-susceptible Non-Obese Diabetic (NOD) background, making it a good model for diabetes and obesity research for Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, Type I diabetes
  • The multiple defects in immunity unique to this model provide an excellent system for reconstitution with human hematopoietic cells, resulting in exceptional models for HIV-1 research and gene therapy
  • Useful model for cancer research into increased tumor incidence, particularly lymphomas and thymic tumors
  • Short life span, 8-9 months due to lethal thymic lymphomas
  • Reduced NK cell activity due to NOD background
  • Does not develop diabetes
  • Paralysis does seem to be a phenotype of NOD scid mice, however in measuring this phenotype in our colonies it is present in less than .5%


Origin: The NOD scid Spontaneous mutant model was developed by the Fox Chase Cancer Center by transferring the scid mutation from a C.B-17 congenic background to a diabetes-susceptible non-obese diabetic background. M&B A/S (now Taconic Europe) received stock from the Fox Chase Cancer Center in 1995. The mice were derived by embryo transfer in 2002 by Taconic US. The Taconic foundation colony was at F? + 14 in 2005.

Genetics: Refer to the NOD (background strain) for inbred genetic data

Coat Color Loci: Tyrc

Color: Albino

Species: Mouse

Animal Diet:

Average litter size: 6