New Zealand White

HEALTH STATUS NOMENCLATURE Weight(kg) Specificed Gender Price Either Gender Price
Conventional New Zealand White <1.00 $ 52.85 $ 48.05
Common Name: Rabbits 1.00-1.49 $ 67.25 $ 61.15
>1.50-1.99 $ 84.85 $ 77.15
>2.00-2.49 $ 105.65 $ 96.05
>2.50-2.99 $ 140.85 $ 128.05
>3.00-3.99 $ 163.30 $ 148.45
>4.00 $ 208.10 $ 189.20
Pregnant female $ 261.95

For ages/weights not shown, please enquire

All prices shown in this list are in Singapore Dollars and do not include Goods and Services Tax (GST).

Prices in this list are only valid for the period up to 31 March 2015 and for Public Funded Entities only.

InVivos is committed to maintaining the prices shown throughout the period October 2014 to March 2015. However, in the event of local or international events that impact our business costs adversely, we reserve the right to amend prices accordingly. Should that unlikely event occur we shall provide customers with two weeks’ notice of the price changes.

To assist with your planning for funding, InVivos expects its prices to increase once more by approx. 15% per annum, on average, for the subsequent period commencing April 2015. After that, price changes will be determined by business conditions pertaining in Singapore on an annual basis.  We plan to issue a published price list every year, at the beginning of March, thus providing at least one months notice of the prices to be charged in the following FY.

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• Biomedical Research

• Antibody production

• Atherosclerosis• Osteology

• Cardiovascular Studies

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