Inbred Nude or BALB/c Nude

Strain: NU/JInv

Common name: Inbred Nude or BALB/c Nude

JAX stock no. 002019


The two main defects of mice homozygous for the nude spontaneous mutation (Foxn1nu, formerly Hfh11nu) are abnormal hair growth and defective development of the thymic epithelium. Nude mice are also athymic; homozygous nude mice lack T cells and suffer from a lack of cell-mediated immunity. Homozygous nude mice show partial defect in B cell development.

Other endocrine and neurological deficiencies have been reported. The use of nude mice has reduced the number of thymectomy procedures required in research projects. Homozygous nude females are not effective breeders.


Disease/therapeutics areas used:

  • Cancer research
    • T cell deficiency, xenograft/transplant host
  • Immunology, Inflammation and Autoimmunity Research
    • T cell deficiency
  • Dermatology Research
    • Skin and Hair Texture Defects
  • Endocrine Deficiency Research
    • Skin defects and thyroid defects


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