C57BL/6NJ (B6N)

Strain: C57BL/6NJInv

Common name: B6N

JAX stock no. 005304


This is an NIH subline of C57BL/6. It was separated from C57BL/6J in 1951. Five SNP differences have been identified that distinguish C57BL/6J from C57BL/6ByJ and C57BL/6NJ. This strain does not have the deletion in the Nnt gene that has been found in the C57BL/6J strain (Stock No. 000664).

C57BL/6NJ mice are homozygous for Cyfip2M1N, a spontaneous mutation in the cytoplasmic FMR1 interacting protein 2 that results in an amino acid substitution of phenylalanine for serine at position 968 (S968F). The mutation is found in all C57BL/6N sub strains but is not present in the C57BL/6J strain or sub strains.


Disease/therapeutics areas used:

  • Sensorineural Research
  • Developmental Biology Research
  • Cell Biology Research


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